Cinematic Films & Mobile First
Production & Post

Kiyany is an Award-winning multi-production studio based in Dubai, UAE. Visual storytelling is our passion. We love making compelling stories into inspiring and thought-provoking visual experiences for audiences, reaching various digital platforms.
For short films placed on social networks with time restrictions, we apply our unique storytelling methods, masterfully crafting the visuals for audienece on the go.

"Great stories happen to those who can tell them."
Ira Glass

Story Structure & Concept Development
Unique & Award Winning Process

Every film has got to have a story. Our minds do not like random facts or objects and so they create their own stories to make sense of otherwise discrete, isolated events and items.
We naturally and often subconsciously connect the dots, and dots connected in a stimulating ways are what we call great stories. Great stories win hearts and minds.

"A great story hinges on a great character. A great character hinges on truth, and truth hinges on all the contradictions that make us human.”
Beau Willimon

Virtual Reality, 360 Video & Transmedia
Immersive & Interactive Media

360° Virtual Reality is an innovative medium and can be effectively used as a visual storytelling medium due to it its immersive nature.
Kiyany Media started putting a lot of effort in R&D in 360° VR Film pre and post- production starting early 2015 and began producing 360° VR content for clients since then.
The immersive nature of 360° and Virtual Reality films makes the viewer experience the film as being right in the action! We have even gone one step further and offer interactive 360° VR films, making the experience twice as compelling and adventurous.

"It connects humans to other humans in a profound way that I've never seen before in any other form of media.”
Chris Milk

Visual Storytelling,Mobile Film & Photography
Training & Workshops

Kiyany Media has produced many award winning films and project in the past years.
This has helped us to acquire immense experience and skills and we would love to share these unique experiences with upcoming film makers, storytellers, journalists and students.
Training Provided for subjects include: Pre and post Production, Interactive Film projects, 360° and VR films, Mobile Photography & Filmmaking.

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