Cinematic Narratives

Cinematic Narratives

We Produce Inspiring Cinematic Character Driven Non Fictional Stories based on Storytelling principals. Our in-depth reporting and original use of audio, video, and interactive graphics create compelling stories that get noticed.

Marwan The Boxer

Winner of best documentary at Abu Dhabi Film Festival EFC 2014. Marwan is 17 years old Emirati, passionate about boxing will represent UAE in coming world cup boxing in Bulgaria. This documentary will tell the story of Marwan journey with all the challenges he will be facing preparing for worldwide stage and his dream of becoming new hero in history of the UAE.

Welcome to my World

“I always believe music is a universal language. Music has no barriers. If somebody tells me that music is against the religion and all of that, but I believe music is something that to bring a peace to you. It’s a message of love. So just spread it, spread it. “ Told by Intesar Salim 53 years old Pakistani, born and raised in Dubai.

The Man Who Sells Samosa and You Most Probably ate one!

Samir and his family run small shop in dubai creek side selling snacks for around 50 years. This video documented by our workshop participants, the history of place and people working for him, the creek environment and surrounding with eye on future development happening in dubai creek side.

Katarina Premfors's PAPPA

Pappa is a delicate and emotionally charged series depicting touching moments with Kenth (her father) and his infant granddaughter, his wife and children, all portrayed alongside the daily challenges faced in the wake of a stroke and later following cancer treatments.

Sibeel Water

Ammar Al Attar is UAE Artist, Documentary Photographer in process of preparing for his upcoming photo exhibition. We have followed his story and documented his analogue process of capturing the world.

FujiFilm X Photography

In cooperation with fuijiilm middle east to get Hands on latest x series camera and fujinon lens technology. There is complete portfolio of Artist on Fuji Worldwide site.

Pencils & Spanners

The educational act of Yaqoob Al Hammadi "Pencils & Spanners " A School consular in Shahba school in city of sharjah brings new activity to school engaging vast number of students. Majority of UAE youth love the car and ...

Mobile First

Mobile First

Structuring and Producing short form stories for mobile viewers and target on the go audience over social networks.

Al Nashra

Producing short form videos for mobile and social media platform.
Focus on bringing visual rich contents on social media and web platforms for brands and business to increase their engagement with users and potential clients.

I See What You See

first series short 6seconds film made on vine featured on many International platform. Story of conversation between there girls in 6 seconds! Story was featured all around web, Re-twetted by Tweeter Foudner @Jack Dorsey , Vine Founder @rus and many more cool folks out there!

Saloom & Alyooh

Remake of Saloom & Alyooh "Just Married" - Short film totally proceed on iPhone, Shoot, Edit and Share. Participated in many iPhone and Mobile film festivals. Winner of Pordenone Silent Film Festival, The world's leading international silent-film festival, Le Giornate del Cinema Muto, Instagram competition.

Reverse Moments

Tracing and collecting the remaining objects, negatives, and stories behind them. Things from the past that no one knows when it was started. Cluttered around and looking for someone to narrate the over all story and tell it to people. The stories of old photo studios around UAE and the people worked in it. It's not a project about recording history of photography in UAE rather than saving what remained from it and use it in forms that everyone can benefit from it. Reverse Moments is collaborative project with Ammar Al Attar. It's short form video series targeting mobile users on Instagram, twitter & snapchat to bring engagement.

Snap Story

Video series brings to you quick history review in fun #15seconds and full version on Facebook and Youtube #VerticalVideo This project screened on our Transmedia Partner @Elevision everyday!

Immersive Media

Immersive Media

With the world of digital storytelling becoming all the more prominent in the film world, our immersive media projects brings a new level of engagement. We offer partners everything from creative consultation, ideation to thorough production services and interfaced design. Developing stories to optimize the interactive experience such in Virtual Reality, 360 Video or Browser based interactive films.

Zaabil Secondary School iDoc

UAE's first web interactive documentary about photographer who document historic Zaabil secondary school before demolishing it and why maintaining such architect matters us.

Walk in UAE School

A Virtual Reality project commissioned by UAE's ministry of education in celebration of the month of innovation. This experience will allow everyone to walk virtually in one of UAE's leading public school and closely observe activities and the environment #Spatial #360video #VR #UAE #Dubai


Flash is short Virtual Reality Film Co- Produced by Dubai International Film Enjaaz and Imagentaion Abu Dhabi, Directed by Hassan Kiyany. Flash is First UAE VR film and will be screened for the first time at DIFF’s new VR Program ( DIFFerent Reality ), December 7th-14th 2016 among some world finest Virtual Reality Films. Executive Producer is Abdulla Hasan Ahmed and Faradees.

Global Village 360

In collaboration with Reflection technology we have produced 360 video & VR Experience for Global village, one of most wanted entertainment destiny in middle east.

Kiyany Interactive Solution

With our Interactive Solution we provide immersive experience on every story we produce or publish over internet or offline platform. We provide our branded player to all clients with customization features in support of story. Kiyany interactive bring new level of engagement between content and viewer throughout Call to adventure, built in interactive apps, social feed and more.

The Salad Jar

Shake to Play! New Way to Engage with Interactive Videos on Smart Phone. Utilize power of sensors built in smart phone can make unique interactive stories on Phone, Like never before!

Home of Eve

Eve, the first woman, the source of life and the mother of all mothers is what came to be our driving spirit in creating and designing artistic jewelry. We build simple player includes info, links , CTA , Social feed , Search in Video to bring highest level of engagement and innovation to the content produced by client.

The Man Who Sells Samosa & You Most Probably Ate One!

Samir and his family run small shop in dubai creek side selling snacks for around 50 years. This video documented by our workshop participants, the history of place and people working for him, the creek environment and surrounding with eye on future development happening in dubai creek side. We built simple player includes minimal interaction and buttons around the story to enhance user experience.