Design and structure non fictional cinematic narratives based on storytelling principles.

We Tell thoughts-kindling visual stories about controversial and delicate topics by collaborating with storytellers who want to connect the dots between life events, to be inspired and motivate others to take actions on issues that matters.

Kiyany is the award winning film and interactive media production studio tell stories that speaks to and on-behalf of every human being. Every cinematic narrative created by ‘Kiyany’ represents everyone involved; the storyteller, the story characters and the audience who are inspired.

Our Brand Values

Truthful , Innovation , Sympathetic , Collaboration

Kiyany Media is an award-winning production and interactive media house whose work is featured on many International and local platforms. Team of passionate storytellers providing production and post production service with core focus on the context and visual forms. We aim to work on purpose driven stories, inspire audience to take action on issues that matter.